How to cut and eat dragon fruit

Dragon fruit (pitaya) cut in half or quarter
Dragon fruit cut with a spoon


Dragon fruit is ripe fruit with bright skin and green leaves, alluring enough to look at. This tropical fruit from the cactus family is also known as pitahaya or strawberry pear.

Eating dragon fruit cannot be easy. After finding a ripe fruit, all you have to do is cut the fruit in half or a quarter. Depending on the type, the decor can be white, red or purple.

You can cut it in half and then take out the slightly hard meat with a spoon and eat it from the peel. Or you can carefully cut the meat from the skin using a sharp spoon, slice or cut any way you want.

Dragon fruit is best eaten raw but you can eat it on the grill like some other fruits. The fruit tastes less sweet kiwi.

You can enjoy it as a healthy snack or other recipes by cutting it into pieces, prepared raw, cold or in a smoothie, plus you can put it on a salad, or even on the grill.


How to cut dragon fruit (pitaya)


A simple step-by-step method

The fruit looks stiff due to the fibrous leaves, but the surface of the skin is thin and smooth, and it is easily cut off. The surface of the skin is thin and smooth. A dense soft, waxy and flexible peel that easily separates from the pulp.


Method of cutting half a dragon fruit


 Place the dragon fruit long on a cutting board. Cut the dragon fruit in half with a sharp knife, leaving the skin intact. A single cut from the stem will divide the fruit into 2 parts which reveal the edible pulp inside white, red or purple fruit.



Use a spoon to separate the pulp from the dragon fruit. Slide the spoon into the pink or white fruit pulp and lift the spoon to remove the fruit. The edible part moves away from the skin very easily, so it will not take much effort to do so.



 Place 2 halves of fruit on the cutting board, Discard the upper skin of the fruit. Cut edible fruit into small cubes the way you like to eat. The black seeds of the fruit are edible, so there is no need to remove the seeds.

You can eat half the pulp directly using a spoon. The fruit can be eaten raw or for extra flavor, it can be included in a smoothie or fruit salad.


Dragon fruit cutting by quartering method


Locate the top of the fruit to spread the dragon fruit peel. You can quarter the fruit before peeling. Pieces of leather should be opened from all around. To peel the fruit skin off, like with would a banana, keep only the white edible pulp.



Cut the edible pulp of the fruit into 4 quarters. First cut the fruit in half vertically. Rotate the halves so that they are flat on the cutting board. Cut horizontally across each to separate the dragon fruit into 4 pieces.



Take each part with fruit decorations and the black seeds of the fruit are edible. It is better to cut them into small cubes. Cut the fruit into bite-sized pieces. The pieces don’t have to be the same, but the cubes are nice to look at. The cubes will be easy to eat with a fork or toss in a blender.

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